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Материалы по математике, 2018-19 учебный год
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(Homeworks: HW3 corrected)
(R seminars in .R and .Rmd: Lab4)
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=== R seminars in .R and .Rmd ===
=== R seminars in .R and .Rmd ===
26 January: [ binom-test.Rmd], 2 February: [, t-test.R], [ t-test.Rmd]
* 26 January: [ binom-test.Rmd],
* 2 February: [ Lab4-t-test.Rmd], [, t-test.R]
== Homeworks ==
== Homeworks ==

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Course info

Dear students,

Here will be published the materials of the course "Linguistic Data: Quantitative Analysis and Visualisation", taught at the Master programme "Computational Linguistics" in 2018-2019 academic year.

  • Instructors: Olga Lyashevskaya, George Moroz, Alla Tambovtseva and Ilya Schurov.
  • Modules: 3-4


During this course we will use R as a programming language and RStudio as a GUI.

How to install R and RStudio?

1. Download R (you can choose another mirror here if you wish) and install it on your computer. Make sure you did it before installing RStudio.

2. Download RStudio (you need RStudio Desktop Open Source License) and install it on your computer. It is recommended to create a shortcut for RStudio during installation.

It is possible avoid installing anything on your PC, using online version of RStudio.

How to use RStudio?

Read the instruction here.

For successful submission of assignments you should be able to create and save R code files (.R) and RMarkdown files (.Rmd).


Date Topic of the lecture Seminar Optional
12.01 Something about data: population vs sample, descriptive statistics problems1 r-basics RMarkdown: official page, cheatsheet
19.01 Population and samples. Working with data in R artisits orientation.csv
26.01 Hypothesis testing binom-test poetry orientation.csv RNC frequency list
02.02 Student's t-test. Central limit theorem: recall t-test icelandic.csv asp-paper (Coretta, 2017)

R seminars in pdf

12 January: r-basics, 26 January: binom-test

R seminars in .R and .Rmd


  • Homework 1 (deadline: 27 January, 23:59), link to submit
  • Homework 2 (deadline: 03 February, 23:59)
  • [Homework 3] (deadline: 10 February, 23:59), Rmd-file to fill in, link to submit your .Rmd file