Linguistic Data: Quantitative Analysis and Visualisation: linguistic theory

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  • Instructors: Ilya Schurov and Ivan Pozdnyakov


Date Topics Links video
Jan 10 Introduction. Quantitative linguistic research and data types. R basics
Jan 17 Statistical hypothesis testing. Binomial test code video
Jan 24 Measures of statistical dispersion: variance and standard deviation. Population and sample. Estimate of population mean. Central limit theorem code lecture, practice
Jan 31 One sample t-test code lecture, practice
Feb 7 One sided and two sided alternatives. Two sample t-test code video
Feb 14 Multiple comparison problem. ANOVA code, Confidence intervals visualization video
Feb 21 Visualizations
Feb 28 Chi-squared test
April 7 Correlations video
April 11 Bivariate regression
April 18 Multivariate regressions code video
April 25 Logistic regression video
May 12 Random effects video


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Late penalties: in case of late submission, your grade will be multiplied by exp(-t / 86400), where t is the number of seconds since the due date. For example, if you delay the submission by one day, your grade will be multiplied by exp(-1)=0.3678794412.

Extensions: you can ask for up to two extensions of homework due dates during the course. Each extension is one week. Extensions due to valid excuses (i.e. illness) do not count.

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