Ordinary differential equations

Материалы по математике, 2013-14 учебный год, НИУ ВШЭ и РЭШ
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Dear Math in Moscow students!

This page will contain information related to course Ordinary differential equations.

Instructor: Ilya Schurov (ilyaСоб@каschurov.com).


Main textbook is Ordinary differential equations by V. I. Arnold. Problems were taken mostly from Problems in differential equations by A. F. Filippov. The program and assignments are based on the course Ordinary differential equations (Math in Moscow, 2010-11) by Yury Kudryashov and Ilya Schurov and the same course of 2013/14 academic year (by Dmitry Filimonov, Ilya Schurov and Alexandra Pushkar).



assignment due date
Assignment 1 01/17/2014